Huhugene, Inc.
Huhugene, Inc. is a company focused on developing novel FRET agents for reliable
quantitation of beta-lactamase activity. We design new FRET substrates to overcome the
problems in gene expression process. Our current product is CCF4-AM, with higher purity
and better price compared to other commercial product used for FRET substrate, please
contact us for details. CCF4-AM is used for studying numerous target classes and cellular
processes, including: surface and intracellular reporters ( nuclear and cytokine receptors,
orphan and known G-protein coupled receptors), a wide range of signal transduction
pathways, ion channels, other transporters,  transcriptional regulators (including kinases and
intracellular processes) and Virus-cell fusion.

Due to CCF4-AM is a very large molecule, so there will be issues for this molecule enter the
cells. When there is low expression efficiency, it might indicate the molecule is hard to cross
the cell surface, so you might need a higher concentration to get the experiment going.

Please contact us for the price of CCF4-AM.